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As an artist, educator and marine advocate, Cindy Pease Roe’s inspiration comes from her deep, abiding kinship with the sea to craft her unforgettable paintings and sculptures. A lifetime of living both on and next to the water has enabled her to express its serenity, history, function and vulnerability. Roe incorporates a variety of media to capture the depth of her subjects. She deftly paints historic, and often endangered working waterfronts. But most importantly, she has garnered the interest of art lovers and environmentalists alike by collecting plastic debris and flotsam she finds along the shoreline and transforming them into thought-provoking, visually stimulating three-dimensional forms. 

Creating complex sculptural assemblages out of marine debris has become the driving force behind Cindy Pease Roe’s career, and serves most effectively to support her message as an eco-artist. She is the founder and creator of UpSculpt, an environmental and educational movement that fosters awareness about the fragility of ocean ecosystems. Upsculpt helps support the creation of art from marine debris. Roe has been featured in numerous exhibitions worldwide in major cities such as Manhattan, NY, Shenzhen, China, Beijing, China, Miami, Florida, and others. She has been in publications such as Vogue, The New York Times, Globe and Mail, ABC News, Travel and Leisure, L’Officiel USA and China Daily. She has been awarded grants such as Fulbright hays grant / marine protection artist, Richard king Mellon family foundation grant, and has given speeches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Peconic land trust and Southhampton arts centre. Her works exist in various collections such as J.F.K. Library, Boston, MA, Equity Holding Group, Washington, D.C., Schmidt Ocean Institute, Palo Alto, CA and the Stonybrook Children's Hospital, Long Island NY.

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