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Cindy Pease Roe, an artist, educator, and marine advocate, draws inspiration from her lifelong connection with the sea to create captivating paintings and sculptures. She combines various mediums to depict the serenity, history, function, and vulnerability of the ocean. Cindy's artistry took a transformative turn in 2012 when she began using plastic debris collected from the shore to craft sculptural works.

Through weaving or welding techniques, Cindy merges discarded plastic, derelict fishing gear, mylar balloons, rope, and marine upholstery, transforming them into organic figures or abstract assemblages. Upon closer inspection, viewers discover the waste items that compose her sculptural works. By juxtaposing natural forms with 100% unnatural materials, her artwork aims to evoke curiosity and confront the massive human refuse washing up on shores worldwide. 


Ranging from smaller sculptural forms to immersive installations, her works convey a powerful message about the fragility of ocean ecosystems. She has exhibited her art globally, receiving numerous grants and artist residencies. Her works can be found in various collections and permanent installations worldwide. Cindy founded UpSculpt, a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower action against the crisis of plastic pollution through art, science, and educational workshops.

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