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Arques Shipyard

Mystic Seaport

Cape Cod & the Islands

In 2006, I began a series of realistic oil paintings that depict the crowded waterfront of Sausalito, California, where I had a studio at the time. I have continued that work more recently in the harbor of Greenport, New York.

The work is informed by my lifetime spent sailing, working and living on boats. I feel compelled to capture the unique spirit of these boatyards and vessels when they are both active and idle, because they represent that special link between man and the sea.

I am also drawn to this work because I see it as a dying art—once prevalent and now fading, paintings of boats have always been reflections of their times. Now, with the disappearance due to development overshadowing our waterfronts and marine railways being turned into condominiums, it is interesting to return to a traditional way of painting these historic vessels and seaports from a contemporary perspective. With these works, I hope to capture the craft and history of seafaring and boat construction at a moment in time at which they are threatened with obsolescence.