CINDY PEASE ROE STUDIO | Fish Fry, Gallery Walk, Summer Has Begun!
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Fish Fry, Gallery Walk, Summer Has Begun!

The boatyard was really busy today hosting a Fish Fry fundraiser to benefit the American Legion Hall here in Greenport. There was a great turn out. The fish was really good too. It’s such a great atmosphere.. lunch on the dock… very beautiful.

I was open last night for the Greenport Gallery Walk. There was a nice turn out for that as well. After all these weeks of cleaning, rearranging, heavy lifting, and painting, it’s just so nice to be able to see the final product of such hard work and feel complete satisfaction in one’s work and in one’s self. My studio/gallery is up and running and I couldn’t be happier!

Fish Fry
The Studio & Gallery
But yes, it has been a very long weekend to say the least. Middie is a clear cut demonstration of what I’d like to be doing right now… napping!
Photographs by Estefany Molina