CINDY PEASE ROE STUDIO | Happy Fourth of July!
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Happy Fourth of July!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like out on a barge that was setting off fireworks?
I was fortunate enough to have been invited on board the barge anchored outside of the breakwater in Sag Harbor to photo document the event. I’m really happy with how the shots came out considering that my night photography skills are pretty amateurish.The fireworks were in huge cylinders within an intricate fuse system connected by an electronic panel. They used a flare to ignite the sequence. Then… all hell breaks loose! The noise and vibrations were enormous on the barge. I had to shoot with special ear muffs and eye protection from behind a steel door! The embers were flying around like crazy!What really struck me was the meticulous detail everyone paid attention to with safety and putting on a fabulous show.

We’re working on putting together a slide show so stay tuned! We will try to post it really soon!