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-Photography by Beth Young

The very thing that makes plastic items useful to consumers, their durability and stability, also makes them a problem in marine environments. Around 100 million tons of plastic are produced each year of which about 10 percent ends up in the sea. About 20 percent of this is from ships and platforms, the rest from land.

Take a walk along any beach anywhere in the world and washed ashore will be many polythene plastic bags, bottles and containers, plastic drums, expanded polystyrene packing, polyurethane foam pieces, pieces of polypropylene fishing net and discarded lengths of rope. Together with traffic cones, disposable lighters, vehicle tyres and toothbrushes, these items have been casually thrown away on land and at sea and have been carried ashore by wind and tide. – Greenpeace International

Click here to read the full feature of the plastic awareness project & Cindy Pease Roe in Newsday! Dec. 4th, 2013


The environmental education plastic awareness project started by Cindy Pease Roe with the Oyster Pond Elementary School, initially began as a conversation started with a group of students about the importance of recycling and the consequences of litter. After sharing information, organizations, & statistics, the artist & students set out to the seaside to begin their observation & collection of found plastic. Each class participated in the project from the collection, sorting, to the final construction of a 5 foot sculpture of a fish compiled of their reclaimed material which was on display at the Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. as part of a group show entitled “Hops for Habitat,” an exhibition of art & awareness to benefit the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Marine Meadows Program.


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