CINDY PEASE ROE STUDIO | Reconnaissance in Maine!
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Reconnaissance in Maine!

Aaaah, so many pictures! Last weekend I was up in Maine doing reconnaissance on traditional boatyards like at Billings Diesel & Marine in Stonington and Benjamin River Marine in Brooklin. I  actually stayed there longer than I had previously anticipated because the weather was so gorgeous. Who knows when I’d be back! Funny story though, I was running out of supplies! With no where nearby to buy paint, I grew kind of frantic. Luckily, I met a younger painter studying in Maine and she sold me some of her paints and panels. She was so nice.
Look at the pretty pictures!!
Arriving, a storms a brewin’ …

The Girl who sold me her supplies!

One of the most frequented scenes for painters and artist alike.


Lobster Pound

Lobster Boats & Pound
Catching Lobsterman

Painting on location

The view from where I stayed

Lobster Boxes

And a bit of humour!