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marine debris works

sugar aka mama shug | 2022

50" x 13.5'

Jury-selected commission by the  National Parks Service, Center for Coastal Studies and Cape Cod National Seashore with support from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program, Herring Cove Beach | Cape Cod National Seashore, MA

steel armature, rope, single-use plastics, swim goggles, fishing gear, aquaculture matting, assorted plastics

corazon valiente | 2022

rope, netting, fishing tags, sandbags, lobster traps, bouys, steel armature, plastic bits

36" x 37" x 98"

crossings series | 2022 - 2023

rope, netting, fishing tags, sandbags, plastic bits

fish | 2020-2022

marine debris

135" x 72" x 72"

pieces of you - much ado about something | 2019

permanently on display at Arcadia Earth - Manhattan, New York

vintage aeroplane safety cover, fiberoptics, and miscellaneous plastics

delia | 2018

permanent commission by the 1 Hotel in South Beach - Miami, Florida
steel armature, tugboat tow line, painting tarp, bait bag, grain sack, carpeting, bottle caps, plastic bottles, lighters, straws, ball, pregnancy test, baby spoon, filter, razor handle, shower curtain ring, misc. plastics

111" x 60" x 48" 

wishing whale | 2018

Cornell Cooperative Extension Education Center - Tiana Bayside Facility, Hampton Bays, NY
derelict lobster traps, marine ropes, and plastic mini bottles containing messages from the community

84" x 84"

tammy | 2018

tampons, rope, monofilament, marine debris

14" x 13" x 26"

is the party over yet? | 2018

vintage aeroplane safety cover, ighters, rope, children's toys, marine debris

72" x 84" x 84"

roaming the sea | 2016

commissioned by Overseas Chinese Town Group (OCT) - Shenzhen, China
steel, plastic bottles, marine rope, & netting

birds | 2015 - 2018

marine debris

herman | 2012

marine debris

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