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What’s Going On?

We are really busy getting ready for the upcoming gallery walk on June 18th here in Greenport. I’ve just downsized to a wonderful farm house in East Marion and besides decorating my new studio gallery, my team and I are also in the works of prepping for an upcoming yard sale! You ponder, team? What team? Well, these past few weeks I’ve been working with an extremely talented, efficient, as well as fun decorator, my old friend Zina! Also, quite recently I began working with my new assitant, Estefany Molina who is entering her Junior year at the School of Visual Arts. Can’t forget my lovely canine companion, Midnight! We often refer to her as Middy. Right now, it’s about 77 degrees and rising. As you can tell from the image below… she’s just lovingthis heat. Stay tuned for more news and updates. I will be as consistent as possible!Be sure the visit Greenport Gallery Walk for any news or dates in regard to the event.
Estefany Molina, Zina Glazebrook, & Middy
Piece of the studio