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all works are created with upcycled marine debris

Corazon Valiente | 2022

North Atlantic Right Whale |  98” x 37” x  36 “

miscellaneous Marine debris: rope, buoys, aquaculture seeding bags, lobster traps, fabric, bait bags, tennis , golf ball, tool bag & shuttlecock.

twistin' the night away | 2022

commission for Costa Del Mar  | With rod and base 56.5” x 30”

 plastic bags, Mylar balloons, bottles ( water, baby, nips, sports drinks etc…), laminated signage, packaging materials, fiberglass, strapping from shipping and beach chairs, swimming equipment, fishing tags, chip bags, fast food cups, windsurfer sail carrier, flip flop, filters, rope, pails, ring, carpeting, marine upholstery, ribbons, straws, kite, tent, bottle caps, artificial flowers, notebook binder, fishing pole. Many miscellaneous plastic bits and pieces. Too many to identify !!!

untitled | 2020

big daddy | 2020

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